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The boundaries amid theater, blur and television appear abolition bottomward spectacularly in “Network,” administrator Ivo van Hove and biographer Lee Hall’s adroit and generally arresting Broadway adjustment of Sidney Lumet’s archetypal 1976 movie, starring a barbaric Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad’) as the mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it-anymore account ballast Howard Beale. Van Hove, best afresh on Broadway with his […]

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Bravo’s “Top Chef” 16 was filmed in Kentucky. Meet the 15 new contestants. Brittney Jackson, Louisville Courier Journal Judges on the set of the aboriginal adventure of “Top Chef” division 16.(Photo: Courtesy of Michael Hickey/Bravo) Always dreamed of seeing acclaimed restaurateur Tom Colicchio dig into a assistant covered in mayonnaise and peanuts? Well, crazy enough, […]